CLARITY, Relief, Growth

Find The Clarity You've Been Looking For

– Carla Porter-White

Clarity, RELIEF, Growth

From The Thoughts That Have Been Troubling You

– Carla Porter-White


Clarity, Relief, GROWTH

Counseling Fosters Self-Exploration & Growth.

– Carla Porter-White

Carla Porter-White, MA, LCPC


As a mental health therapist, I see how powerful the mind is in shaping one's outlook and how people can activate change in their lives, particularly in a therapeutic environment in which deep honesty is facilitated.

BS, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

MA, Illinois School of Professional Psychology

Types Of Therapy

Individual Therapy

"Gain a better understanding of what is behind your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to enhance your ability to meet your personal goals"

Family Therapy

"Discover how to improve your family dynamics through better communication and understanding how your role impacts your family system".

Couples Therapy

"Improve your ability to listen and express your own thoughts and perceptions with your partner as you move forward in making decisions about your future".

A Tailored Approach

“I strive to honor the individual pace of each client as we set treatment goals and use various techniques to assist the client in moving through his/her process.”

Carla Porter-White, MA, LCPC